Commercial Real Estate

Selling My Real Estate Associated with my Business


Transworld Commercial Real Estate was created to capitalize on the unique position that Transworld Business Brokers, our parent company, holds in the business community and to utilize the marketing organization and techniques that have allowed Transworld to become the Southeast’s largest business brokerage firm. With our agents contacting hundreds of small business owners a day, the effective utilization of multiple internet sites that generate several thousand hits to Transworld’s web site each day, a massive monthly direct mail program, and a regular schedule of print, radio and television advertising, no one is better positioned to market your property. These marketing activities and the database of prospects it generates are assets available only to Transworld Commercial Real Estate and it clients and is the reason that Transworld Commercial Real Estate expects to become a leader in business to business real estate marketing.


If you have been in business for very long and own your business real estate, it is possible that the real estate is your most valuable business asset. In selling your business you will be faced with the following choices concerning the real estate: Include the real estate in the business sale. Do not include the real estate in the business sale and sell it separately. Lease the real estate to the business buyer and keep it. Lease the real estate to the business buyer and sell it to an investor.  Maximizing the value of your real estate when you sell your business is a strategy that should be developed by a real estate specialist. We have the experience and expertise to help you determine which option will assure you the maximum return from the sale of your business and if you choose to sell your property we can help you with a tax deferred 1031 exchange.


Transworld Commercial Real Estate will market your property utilizing both its powerful proprietary marketing assets and techniques discussed above and traditional commercial real estate marketing channels. These include property brochure presentations on commercial real estate listing internet sites, National Multiple Listing property brochures distributed to 1,800South Floridareal estate brokers, the presentation of your property to members of the Society of Commercial Realtors and the National Association of Office and Industrial Properties and networking with brokers in our organization and other commercial real estate firms. We can also place a Transworld Commercial Real Estate sign on the property, which will present the property to the public without disclosing that the business is for sale.


Transworld Commercial Real Estate offers other services to current or prospective business owners. If you are adding a branch, relocating, or your business has outgrown its current space, we will help you locate new facilities and assist you in negotiating the best possible lease or purchase terms. We can also provide cash flow models to help you to determine whether to lease or buy. Whatever your commercial real estate needs, Transworld Commercial Real Estate has the experience and knowledge to help you.