Buyer Forms and Documents


Document Title


Confidential Client Profile This informational form provides preliminary Buyer information needed by your Broker to begin the process of understanding the Buyer’s interests, knowledge and experience and financial requirements so they can be matched with available businesses by Transworld’s systems.
Confidentiality Agreement
The Transworld Confidentiality Agreement (TWCA) identifies the responsibilities and obligations of Potential Buyers as it pertains to any information disclosed about a business. It outlines a Buyer’s expected conduct when visiting or inquiring about businesses they have expressed an interest in Buying. The TWCA requires the Buyers / Potential Buyers signature. If you have questions, please ask your Broker for guidance. Selling business owners and Business Brokers feel strongly about assuring complete confidentiality. They should, maintaining confidentiality can be key to preserving market value. It’s critical for a variety of reasons; for example, what if a key employee came to know about ownership changes, began looking around and left? Competitors armed with this knowledge have been known to use it as a negative sales tool. It can even affect vendor relationships. Depending upon the competitive environment, cost and complexity of a business, some Seller’s require that Potential Buyer’s provide financial disclosures and an experience summary prior to any significant disclosures about their business. Protecting confidentiality is essential to preserving market value. At Transworld, we are serious about protecting the Seller’s Confidentiality. We will require your signature and appropriate identification prior to disclosing any detailed business information.
Personal Financial Statement Form

The Personal Financial Statement is an essential Buyer tool. It will help to shape the business opportunities that align your financial circumstances with your interests, experience and income expectations. Astute Buyers know they must cover the purchase price and also plan for deposits, future operating capital and unforeseen business necessities. The form below provides a simple format for preparing your own Personal Financial Statement. If you have a financial statement, talk with your Broker about the sufficiency of information you already have prepared and whether it can be used
Credit Authorization Check
This document requires the Buyers signature (often husband and wife) and authorizes Transworld to obtain an up to date credit report. The confidential Credit Report may be a Seller prequalification requirement for the disclosure of business information; preparatory to organizing an Offer to Purchase or qualification for Lease Agreement.